Saga: The Chapters ‘Live’

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I recently saw that the Canadian progressive rock group Saga has released a live album titled ‘The Chapters Live’ that is all sixteen of their chapters that they have released over their career. Being a huge Saga fan in the late 80’s and early 90’s (I have all of their albums) I had to pick it up.

On most of their albums you will find songs that are labeled with a chapter (I, II, III, IV, etc.) after them. When you place all of these chapters together one after another they tell a story. The story is built around two main ingredients ‘The Cold War’ and an article that was published about how Albert Einstein’s brain was being preserved. Saga has never divulged an actual story line and fans continually try to piece the story together and send their thoughts to them. You could say this album has been 28 years in the making since their first album was released in 1978 in Canada.

After a few listens the stand out track is definitely ‘Don’t Be Late (Chapter II)’. Ian Crichton screams all over and you can tell they are having loads of fun when it seems Michael Sadler is laughing. They still can rock! I would not mind checking them out live. I was never able to catch them when they had their brief moment of fame here in the US with their ‘Worlds Apart’ album. I only remember them coming around once - a Sunday Night in NYC at The Ritz.

I also picked up their album ‘Generation 13′. It is also a concept album telling a story of a boy from the 13th Generation of their world’s existence. There are some really good tunes here.

Share some of your experiences with Saga. What some of your favorite Saga tunes and any stories you may have to go with them? Have you ever seen them in concert, or be lucky enough to meet them?

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